E.4 Advanced Process Panel Modules

Table E.5: Advanced Process Panel Modules
SEIZE Allows an entity to request a number of units of a resource. If the units are not available, the entity waits in a queue.
DELAY Allows an entity to experience a delay in movement via the scheduling of an event.
RELEASE Releases the units of a resource seized by an entity.
MATCH Allows entities to wait in queues until a user specified matching criteria occurs.
HOLD Holds entities in a queue until a signal is given or until a condition in the model is met.
SIGNAL Signals entities in a HOLD queue to proceed.
PICKUP Allows an entity to pick up and place other entities into a group associated with the entity.
DROPOFF Allows an entity to drop off entities from its entity group.
SEARCH Allows an entity to search a queue for entities that match search criteria.
REMOVE Allows an entity to remove other entities directly from a queue.
STORE Indicates that the entity is in a STORAGE
UNSTORE Indicates that the entity is no longer in a STORAGE
ADJUST VARIABLE Adjusts a variable to a target value at a specified rate.
READWRITE Allows input and output to occur within the model.
FILE Defines the characteristics of the operating system file used within a READWRITE module.
EXPRESSION Allows the user to define named logical/mathematical expressions that can be used throughout the model.
STORAGE Demarks a location/concept that may contain entities.
ADVANCED SET Used to define a list of elements within Arena that can be indexed by the location in the list.
FAILURE Used to define unscheduled capacity changes for resources according to a time pattern or a usage indicator.
STATISTIC Used to define and manage time-based, observation based, and replication statistics.