Chapter 1 Simulation Modeling

Learning Objectives

  • To be able to describe what computer simulation is

  • To be able to discuss why simulation is an important analysis tool

  • To be able to list and describe the various types of computer simulations

  • To be able to describe a simulation methodology

In this book, you will learn how to model systems within a computer environment in order to analyze system design configurations. The models that you will build and exercise are called simulation models. When developing a simulation model, the modeler attempts to represent the system in such a way that the representation assumes or mimics the pertinent outward qualities of the system. This representation is called a simulation model. When you execute the simulation model, you are performing a simulation. In other words, simulation is an instantiation of the act of simulating. A simulation is often the next best thing to observing the real system. If you have confidence in your simulation, you can use it to infer how the real system will operate. You can then use your inference to understand and improve the system’s performance.