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Welcome to the open text edition. Similarly to the previous two editions, the book is intended as an introductory textbook for a first course in discrete-event simulation modeling and analysis for upper-level undergraduate students as well as entering graduate students. While the text is focused towards engineering students (primarily industrial engineering) it could also be utilized by advanced business majors, computer science majors, and other disciplines where simulation is practiced. Practitioners interested in learning simulation and Arena could also use this book independently of a course.

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Release History

You are reading the 3rd edition of Simulation Modeling and Arena by Dr. Manuel D. Rossetti. Because of its on-line nature, updated versions of the book will be released, as needed, to correct issues and possibly add new material that would not warrant a new edition. This section summarizes noteworthy updates.

  • 3rd Edition, Version 1.0, released June 14, 2021
    • first main release of text book
    • files and supporting materials are related to Arena, version 16.0

If you find typographical errors or other issues related to the text or supporting files, then please use the repository’s issue tracking system to create a new issue. You should first check if the same or similar issue has already been submitted. The issue tracking system is for filing issues about the correctness of the text or files. It is not about general questions about simulation concepts, solutions to homework, how to do something in Arena, etc. Such issues will not be considered and will be deleted as needed.