E.3 Basic Process Panel Modules

Table E.4: Basic Process Panel Modules
CREATE Used to create and introduce entities into the model according to a pattern.
DISPOSE Used to dispose of entities once they have completed their activities within the model.
PROCESS Used to allow an entity to experience an activity with the possible use of a resource.
ASSIGN Used to make assignments to variables and attributes within the model
RECORD Used to capture and tabulate statistics within the model.
BATCH Used to combine entities into a permanent or temporary representative entity.
SEPARATE Used to create duplicates of an existing entity or to split a batched group of entities.
DECIDE Used to provide alternative flow paths for an entity based on probabilistic or condition based branching.
VARIABLE Used to define variables for use within the model.
RESOURCE Used to define a quantity of units of a resource that can be seized and released by entities.
QUEUE Used to define a waiting line for entities whose flow is currently stopped within the model.
ENTITY Used to define different entity types for use within the model.
SET Used to define a list of elements within Arena that can be indexed by the location in the list.
SCHEDULE Used to define a staffing schedule for resources or a time-based arrival pattern.