6.7 Summary

This chapter provided a discussion of miscellaneous modeling constructs that can improve your modeling. The modeling of non-stationary arrivals was discussed and it motivated the exploration of advanced resource modeling constructs. The advanced resource modeling constructs allow for resources to be subjected to either scheduled or random capacity changes. Then, we learned about how the HOLD and SIGNAL constructs can allow for significant flexibility in representing complex control logic. Multiple examples of the usage of HOLD and SIGNAL modules were presented that can serve as the basis for very advanced modeling. Finally, a few interesting and useful miscellaneous modeling constructs were presented. For example, the PICKSTATION allows for an entity to use criteria to select from a set of listed stations. In addition, the PICKUP and DROPOFF modules provide another mechanism by which entities can be added to or removed from the active entity’s group. With all of these concepts within your simulation toolkit, you are now prepared to model very advanced situations.