E.6 Important SIMAN Blocks, Elements, and Pre-Defined Attributes and Variables

Table E.7: Miscellaneous Useful Blocks, Attributes, and Variables
IF-ELSEIF-ELSE-ENDIF (Blocks panel) Allows standard logic based flow of control.
WHILE-ENDWHILE (Blocks panel) Allows for iterative looping.
BRANCH (Blocks panel) Allows probabilistic and condition based path determination and cloning of entities.
TNOW The current simulation time.
NREP Current replication number.
MREP Maximum number of replications.
J Index in SEARCH module
NQ(queue name) Number of entities in the named queue.
MR(resource name) The current capacity of the named resource
NR(resource name) The current number of busy units of the named resource
Entity.SerialNumber A number assigned to an entity upon creation. Duplicates will have this same number.
Enity.Jobstep The entity’s current position in its squence.
Entity.Sequence The entity’s sequence when using a transfer option.
Entity.Station The entity’s location or destination.
Entity.CurrentStation The entity’s location.
Enity.CreateTime The value of TNOW when the entity was created.
IDENT A unique number assigned to an entity while in the model. No entities have the same IDENT number.