E.1 Arena Mathematical and Logical Operators

Table E.1: Mathematical and Logical Operators
Operator Operation Priority
Math Operators
\(\ast\ast\) Exponentiation 1(highest)
\(/\) Division 2
\(\ast\) Multiplication 2
- Subtraction 3
+ Addition 3
Logical Operators
.EQ., == Equality comparison 4
.NE.,\(<>\) Non-equality comparison 4
.LT.,\(<\) Less than comparison 4
.GT.,\(>\) Greater than comparison 4
.LT.,\(<=\) Less than or equal to comparison 4
.GE.,\(>=\) Greater than or equal to comparison 4
.AND.,&& Conjunction (and) 5
.OR.,\(\|\) Inclusive disjunction (or) 5
Table E.2: Arena’s Mathematical Functions
Function Description
ABS(a) Absolute value
ACOS(a) Arc cosine
AINT(a) Truncate
AMOD(a1, a2) Real remainder, returns(a1-(AINT(\(\frac{a1}{a2}\))\(\times\)a2))
ANINT(a) Round to nearest integer
ASIN(a) Arc sine
ATAN(a) Arc tangent
COS(a) Cosine
EP(a) Exponential(\(e^a\))
HCOS(a) Hyperbolic cosine
HSIN(a) Hyperbolic sine
HTAN(a) Hyperbolic tangent
MN(a1, a2, \(\ldots\)) Minimum value
MOD(a1,a2) same as AMOD(AINT(a1), AINT(a2))
MX(a1, a2, \(\ldots\)) Maximum value
LN(a) Natural logarithm
LOG(a) Common logarithm
SIN(a) Sine
SQRT(a) Square root
TAN(a) Tangent