E.5 Advanced Transfer Panel Modules

Table E.6: Advanced Transfer Panel Modules
STATION Allows the marking in the model for a location to which entities can be directed for processing.
ROUTE Facilitates the movement between stations with a time delay.
LEAVE Represents ROUTE or TRANSPORT or CONVEY with DELAY option
PICKSTATION Allows entity to decide on its next station based on conditions.
ACCESS Requests space on a conveyor. Entity waits if no space is available.
CONVEY After obtaining space on a conveyor, causes the entity to be conveyed to its destination station.
EXIT Releases space on a conveyor
START Causes a stopped conveyor to start transferring entities.
STOP Causes a conveyor to stop transferring entities.
ALLOCATE Assigns entity a transporter without moving the transporter, entity controls transporter and may wait in queue.
MOVE Moves an allocated transporter to a station destination.
REQUEST Asks transporter for pick up, entity waits until transporter is allocated, and transporter moves to pick up location.
TRANSPORT Same as REQUEST followed by MOVE to the entities desired location.
FREE Causes the entity to release an allocated transporter.
HALT Changes the state of the transporter to inactive.
ACTIVATE Changes the state of the transporter to active.
SEQUENCE Allows pre-specified routes of stations to be defined and attributes to be assigned when entities are transferred.
CONVEYOR Defines a conveyor as a list of segments and provides the velocity and space characteristics of the conveyor.
SEGMENT Defines the distance between two stations as a segment on a conveyor.
TRANSPORTER Defines a mobile resource and its characteristics, capable of free path or guided path movement.
DISTANCE Defines the from-to distances between stations for free path transporters.
NETWORK Defines a set of transporter links between intersections that represents a guided path network for transporters.
NETWORKLINK Defines the characteristics of a space constraining path between intersections within guided path networks.
ACTIVITY AREA Defines stations that are part of an area for the collection of aggregate statistics on the group of stations.